International Funding offers International funding. One of our sources is currently reviewing Hard Money / Private Money request that are in need of financing in:

  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • South Pacific
  • Israel

Financing offers are based on valuation as opposed to credit worthiness in most cases. The financing is provided by private lending sources which includes; Hedge Funds, Private Commercial Real Estate Financing Companies and Hard Money Lenders.

The terms for this type of financing is usually as follows, but is subject to change:

  • LTV: 50% to 60%
  • Interest Rates: 14% per annum to 18% per annum depending on risk and LTV
  • Amounts: $3.0 Million to $100 Million (USD)
  • Property Types: Income producing properties, such as Hotels/Motel; Apartments; Shopping Centers and other income producing properties. Land for development on a selected basis.
  • Equity/Participation: NONE
  • Funding Time: Foreign within 60/90 days or sooner from execution of a Loan Commitment.

All International funding request require an onsite/visit review of the project to pre-qualify each project. If the project qualifies following the onsite/visit review, we will offer to arrange financing generally within 72 hours or sooner.

All submitting Co Brokers/Consultants share in our success fees at closing.



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