Business Lines of Credit (BLOC)

Did you know that your business may qualify for an Unsecured Business Finance signature loan?

That’s right, after your business qualifies, just sign your name and you may obtain funding up to $500K.

No collateral required (this program is perfect for real estate investors too).

  • No collateral / No income documentation / No financials
  • Low FICO scores considered
  • CO-signer ok
  • No age requirement for the business – start-ups are OK
  • Funding ranges from $50,000 to $500,000 (even more in some cases)
  • Fast 2/3 week Closing
  • Perfect for Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors!

This company has funded over $1.5 Billion in unsecured business finance in the last few years. They are the single largest and most established unsecured business finance company in the country. This company has a 90% + accuracy rate with their Unsecured Business Finance analysis. If they approve your funding, the chances are that we can get the job done, fast.

It’s a simple process; the client fills out the form at

Application Form

Once filled out and submitted, Bradley, the underwriter, will get back to you directly and discuss the program.  The company doesn’t pull credit until they know they can help the client. That will be determined until after the interview with Bradley.

Even a business with weak financials and/or no taxes may still qualify for our Unsecured Business Finance program up to $200,000. It is a much need program in today’s economy.

Here’s what one of our clients said about this program:

“Hi Kevin, THANKS a million for referring me to this program. They are making available to me $20K at good terms for my business venture. Truly incredible and more people should be made aware of this program since the SBA & bank commercial loans-Forget about it! Sure am glad I got to know you or I would never known about this access to critical financing that will make my dream come true. Thanks again!”

-Don, NJ

We DO NOT fund owner occupied residential properties.



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